About Me

Empowering Innovation with AI & Automation

With extensive experience across various sectors, I have a proven track record of implementing and optimizing automation and AI programs. My approach is to make technology work for people, not the other way around. By empowering employees with advanced tools, we help organizations become more efficient, empathetic, and innovative.

Elijah R. Young

AI, Automation & Data Storytelling

Elijah R. Young

Experience & Expertise

15+ Years of Leadership Leading teams and projects that revolutionize business processes through digital transformation and strategic innovation.

Training and Development

Providing customized training sessions to equip teams with the skills needed to leverage Microsoft Power Platform and Azure AI tools for maximum impact.

Driving Organizational Transformation

Dedicated to client success by delivering innovative solutions that drive significant improvements in efficiency and corporate culture.

Tailored AI and Automation Solutions

Offering expert guidance and strategic planning to help organizations implement and scale their automation and AI initiatives effectively.